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Your Car’s Heart, the Transmission

The transmission is the beating heart of your car. Maintain it properly to get years of life out of it. On this site, you’ll learn all about what a transmission is and why it’s important for your car. If you notice signs in your car that its transmission is out of whack, check it out. Use these tips to know how to care for it properly and, if necessary, replace it with the best option out there. The better you take care of your transmission, the longer your car will last.

Maintain Your Transmission

Treat your car right for a long-lasting transition. During the winter, plan an extra 10 minutes in your morning schedule for your car to warm up. That way, your transmission will be lubricated properly.

Basic Transmission Knowledge

Brushing up on your knowledge about your transmission could save you a lot of grief in the future. Know what to look for and what steps you can take to prevent a transmission failure.